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Pensieri cartolina

pensieri cartolina
pensieri in cartolina                                                                          pensieri in cartolina


Pensieri cartolina

Pensieri si lasciano a volte catturare dalle immagini
fissandosi fino a diventare una loro parte integrante
sentendosi completati come se fossero una visione parlante

pensieri cartolina
A friend is always a friend
even if not port bouquets
You’ll just have him beside silent
to hear the beating
of two hearts


Il passato

The past     

 Skip the time…go…
Takes passions by destiny,
scoring the our path…
going meeting to new seasons,
find in old ritch…
over to memories,
new emotions…



Quando una vita nasce…
quella è una vita da preservare…
perchè domani qualcuno
potrebbe aver bisogno dei suoi sogni…
delle sue certezze…del suo amore…
 della sua amicizia…  

The first breath     

Is as the of wings
in flyght of a butterfly,
the your open the eyes
for watch the world.

Clear the your singing
the accompany the wind
because can feel free
in prevailing silence.
Will color the sun, the new days
dazzling every dark thought
draw the new rainbows
illuminating the your new spring…



A volte la vita ci costringe a vivere certi momenti con difficoltà
paura…ansia…si impadroniscono dei nostri pensieri, della nostra coscienza
ma, quando tutto sembra perduto…senza alcuna speranza…
fermati… ed ascolta il soffio del vento…

The blow of wind

In the silence to sometimes,
the blow light of wind
seems want offer a sound…
Is the singing of hope…
that accompanies the our steps
long the impervious streets of live
that force the to destiny,
to write each day,
notes new and armonius,
that in go towards the future,
rejoice the your path…



 La ballerina

The dancer

Light dragonfly
get up in flight
forget the world…
Bold and light
new butterfly
full of charm
to sun…shine…


Say that the rocks…they are lifeliss…still life…
all rumors…urban leggends…because…

I sassi web 2

The stones

Wet by thousand spray
hard, impenetrable, sharp,
warm sun bright
dried by eternal twenty
the hand tiny of a baby
there takes for throw far
and you…you not there angry…
is a game for him…so he one fun…
and you the know…



 La  pigrizia

The laziness
Passions not has
the truth not knows
large dreams not ago,
denies the reality,
indolent and blind
silences the fantasy
preventing to heart
other harmonic beats…





No need to look for
every time returns
silent and sorrowful
pierces the memories
like a sharp thorn
she an ever-present shadow
wanders in my mind
inviting indicates the way to go
in the borders of oblivion
I find my homesickness


I perchè della vita..   


Needless to ask why
because i‘m in that divine plan and inescrutabile
that has been designed for each of us
We like many kites linked by a slender thread in this earthly life
convinced to make their own changes
but we all know that to move are the winds of fate


 I ricordi…

Sometimes the memories are forcing to reflection
giving birth in us the regret, but also the pleasure
the pleasure of having lived moments that belong to the past
but which they are and will remain alive in our present


Un sorriso

un sorriso ridotta

A Smile
a thought
in the past
It creeps into memories
from the time neglected
Daring scramble between smiles
Brash and inept is convincing
any mental distress ousts



pensieri cartolina = musica di sottofondo
John Sokoloff – Kroshka Waltz 

6 pensieri su “Pensieri cartolina

  1. Bustural

    Ti ho cercato tante volte, tra mille volti che indifferentemente correvano verso la vita; poi ho incontrato i tuoi occhi e lм mi sono persa per sempre.

  2. binobino risponde
    Nel silenzio che avvolge e ritma il respiro
    sussurro infonde speranza a plagiato sospiro
    Risale, con enfasi, vociare dal profondo dell’alma
    come placebo, tuo fievole dire, i miei sensi calma

    buona e felice vita

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